Floor Plans

One Bedroom

This 740 square foot floorplan conveniently combines the living room and dining room.  While dining, look out the patio or balcony and enjoy the peaceful scenery.  A handy utility closet is found adjacent the kitchen with ergonomically designed storage and workspaces.  The tub beckons residents to indulge in a soothing bath before retiring to the bedroom.

Two Bedrooms

The three, two bedroom floorplans below provide a variety of choices.  The leftmost, with 895 square feet sports a fine storage area for that extra camping gear.  For a more lean approach, the middle floorplan has 855 square feet.  Residents in this design relish the entry patio in addition to the living area patio.  Jump into the whopping 1038 square foot model and experience loft life at its height.  Those that choose the loft plan will also have access to a second bathroom to make the mornings go more smoothly.


Three Bedrooms


The size of a small house, 1203 square feet, the three bedroom plan is spacious enough for a you and your 2.5 kids. Gaze down into the gigantic living room area below to see who is sprawled out, enjoying the peaceful living of Westglen Village Apartments. This plan has the double patio/balcony as well as two bathrooms.

St. Louis Holdings LLC

St. Louis Holdings LLC was established in 1989, inspired primarily as a real estate investment company.

Their history is to buy apartment complexes and make substantial improvements to them.

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